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Argutite Wikipedia

Argutite GeO2 is a rare germanium oxide mineral It is a member of the rutile group It was first described for an occurrence in the Argut deposit central

Germanium The mineralogy of Germanium Mindat

General Properties Symbol Ge Atomic Number 32 Standard atomic weight Ar 72 64 1 Electron configuration Ar 3d10 4s2 4p2

Argyrodite Wikipedia

Argyrodite is an uncommon silver germanium sulfide mineral with formula Ag8GeS6 The color is iron black with a purplish tinge and the luster metallic

Prochlorite Mineral information data and localities Mindat

Prochlorite mineral data information about Prochlorite its properties and worldwide locations


Chemical Formula Mg Fe Al 6Al Si2 5Al1 5 O10 OH 8 Help on Composition Composition Molecular Weight 596 92 g Hydrogen 1 35 H 12 07 H2