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Nontronite Topotaxial after Hedenbergite RRuff

Hedenbergitic pyroxene alters topotaxially to the smectite nontronite following loss of Ca Mg and some Si oxidation of the ferrous iron and hydration One unit

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Hedenbergite CaFeSi2O6 is the iron rich end member of the pyroxene group having a monoclinic crystal system The mineral is extremely rarely found as a

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Pyroxene Group Clinopyroxene Subgroup See also the Hedenbergite Johannsenite Series Diopside Hedenbergite Series and the

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Hedenbergite CaFe2 Si2O6 c ○2001 Mineral Data Publishing version 1 2 Crystal Data Monoclinic Point Group 2 m As short prismatic crystals to 5 cm